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School Tools - 2014-2015
✓    Pencils - get the kind you are comfortable writing with: standard or mechanical
✓    Sharpener - NON-electric, handheld, that HOLDS shavings
✓    Pens - if you like writing with a pen, feel free to get dark colors like black or blue
✓    Colored Pencils - 12 colors is plenty, but more is good, too
✓    Glue Sticks - students only need one at a time, but will use several this year, so you might want to stock up while they are on sale
✓    Scissors
✓    4-6 One subject spiral notebooks
✓    Water Bottle or travel cup
✓    5 Two-Pocket Folders (without prongs)
✓    3 Two-Pocket Folders (with prongs)
✓    Pencil Case or pencil box
✓    Highlighters - at least 3 different colors
✓    3-ring binder - at least 1"
✓    Dry-erase markers - fine-tip and low-odor - dark colors only
✓    Headphones or Earphones in a ziploc bag (to STAY at school - NOT ones that go home all the time)
✓    Book Bag or backpack 
✓    Solid-Color Polo-style Shirts - please plan to follow the dress code as written in the handbook - no stripes, plaids, prints, etc.
✓    Uniform Pants - these should NOT be “skinny jeans” or have holes. Shorts should be more than half-way to the knee.
✓    Athletic Shoes (a.k.a. Tennis Shoes, Sneakers, etc) - Students will need these for P.E. class if they don’t wear them for school. (Insurance requires that all shoes be closed-toe – no sandals or flip-flops.)

Things you need to have available at home.
▸    Pencils and/or pens
▸    Colored Pencils
▸    Notebook paper
▸    An easy-to-read version of the Bible - Something you, the student, can read and understand
▸    A dictionary OR computer with internet access